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App and Process Design


Software design and business improvement isn't easy.  It can be hard to figure out if a process change or a technology fix is needed to make real improvements.

We always start the design process therefore, by trying to find the real problem that needs solving.  We break the problem down into it's root causes, and then, having discovered the real issues, we build the solution back up again.

Our process starts with research to figure out the real pain points for your business. This is followed by prototyping and testing ideas to find out which solutions work. Finally, we complete the designs and present the solution to you.

App design and process design from the Boffin Lab

Our full design service

Innovation Workshops from the Boffin Lab
Innovation Workshops

Get your project off a great start with an innovation workshop.

These can run over a single morning or last several days depending on the size of the project.

We’ll help you look at all aspects of your business and figure out which areas technology can help with.

Product Research from the Boffin Lab
Product Research

Need help working out what to do? We’ll help you figure out which ideas are the ones to take forward.

Our team will undertake in-depth research with your customers and staff.

This service refines the ideas generated and finds those which will have the greatest impact.

Process and Software Prototyping from the Boffin Lab
Process and Software Prototyping

Before building something complex its essential to know all the elements are going to work.  

We therefore offer a prototyping service to create and test any novel features.  These simple models can save a lot of resources in the long run by proving the technology will work.

UX and UI Design from the Boffin Lab
UX and UI Design

Once the ideas are well though through we turn them into full designs.

These designs cover how the software will look, how it will work and how well it will perform.  We aim to create software that exceeds your business expectations, delights your users and is simple to use.


App Development and Testing

In this phase we hand over to the build team to turn those design blueprints into a real product.  Our build team is UK based and has years of experience behind it. 

They build using a test driven, agile process to ensure that the development goes smoothly and the technology works as intended.  We keep you involved throughout the build phase allowing and expecting you to want to evolve your ideas as we complete your product.

Finally, we have a robust QA process to make sure your software is delivered without any unexpected surprises.

App development and app testing by the Boffin Lab

Our full development offering

iOS App Development by the Boffin Lab
iOS App Development

We’ve been building native iOS apps for Apple devices since the very start of the Appstore.  

We built with skill and care and are happy to utilise all the latest Apple technologies from augmented reality to machine learning (or indeed something simpler).

Android App Development by the Boffin Lab
Android App Development

We build native apps that support the full breadth of the Android ecosystem.

We understand how to get the most out of Android devices of all sizes including the latest features of Android Oreo.

Rich Web App Development by the Boffin Lab
Web App Development

We’re not all about handheld devices and know that complex apps almost always need a web app interface as well.

To that end we create rich Javascript driven web experiences using the latest Angular and .NET Core technologies to let your PC based users have full system access.

Service and Database Development from the Boffin Lab
Service and Database Development

Finally we know how to build the foundations of your system to support bucket loads of users and underpin your ability to grow,

We create well designed cloud services and databases built on the latest Microsoft Azure technologies.


App Hosting, Monitoring and Support

Once your product is launched we don't leave you to fend for yourselves.  We monitor your systems and ensure they remain secure and optimised.  We work with your business to timetable server maintenance, security patching and upgrades.

We use analytics to measure where your products are being used, driving future improvements to your systems.


Ongoing app support and monitoring from the Boffin Lab

Our comprehensive support service

Cloud Hosting from the Boffin Lab
Cloud Hosting

We’re happy to work with your existing systems and IT service providers.

If you don’t have your own hosting solution then we offer premium hosting on the reliable and scaleable Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

This is managed on your behalf with simple billing and support systems.

Performance Monitoring and App Analytics from the Boffin Lab
Performance Monitoring and App Analytics

Building software and putting it out there without any monitoring is risky,  

We therefore offer a full suite of tools to monitor your systems performance and report on usage.

Device Management from the Boffin Lab
Device Management

Keeping your staff’s devices up to day and secure can be tricky.

We therefore partner with the leading industry vendors to help you secure your devices, publish apps and control updates.

Systems administration, backups and support from the Boffin Lab
Systems administration, backups and support

Systems get more complex all the time so we have experts on hand to monitor, backup and support your full solution.

We do the day to day admin in case disaster strikes.

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